Our goal is to produce great wines that represent the specific geographical region from which the fruit is grown.  We are a limited production, micro winery rarely exceeding 1,500 cases annually. We are environmentally aware and whenever possible we employ eco-friendly and sustainable methods in the vineyard and winery.  We believe that the time-tested traditional methods of making wine over thousands of years can be enhanced by the application of modern science of enology and viticulture thus taking the best of two worlds a "neo classical" approach to create great wines for our customers. 


We promote the principals that wine in moderation with food reduces stress and encourages communication.  It can enhance cultural exchanges among all people, from all walks of life, and from all parts of the world.  Wine in moderation is a good medicine for the body and soul.  We believe in a lifestyle of  work, family, responsibility and enjoyment.  Homegrown 100% American made, local producer.

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Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Montebello Ridge

2016 Vintage

Dark garnet color with aromas of raspberries, bramble, and cassis.  Complex flavors of kirsch, anise, and minerality richly integrated.  Well layered with a long silky finish.  Drink now or age 5-10 years.


Zinfandel 2016 summers vineyard gilroy, ca

2016 Vintage

Dark cherry and licorice notes meld together over a medium garnet colored Zin.  Medium body with lots of berry notes.  Easy soft finish brings you back for more.  Enjoy now or age 2-5 years.


Chardonnay 2017


2017 Vintage

Classic Chardonnay, off the top of the glass right to the finish with butterscotch, vanilla bean, pear and apple blossom.  Firm acidity tightens the expected finish but opens up with a burst of candied fruit.  


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North Face Estate Cabernet Sauvignon